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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  October 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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in shopping center did turn out to be a bomb. he's the ceo of a bank at the center of a scandal. he's land on his feet. his golden parachute is one over $100 million. she lost her life behind the wheel of a school house much the autopsy report may answer what happened. a roller skating bandit gets caught on camera stealing a piece of red rock's history. cooler on the front range than in the mountains. just for a day. we return to summer-like weather very soon. >>ro take on the color uniforms they'll be wearing tomorrow night. 9 news starts right now. . it was a real bomb found in nederland. a day after it was discovered in front of the police station downtown it's been detonated. the fbi is on the case. at this point, no arrests. the situation shut down part of nederland and evacuated
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here sometimes. >> reporter: like any business that wants to get noticed -- >> mark, would you like another? >> yes, please. >> reporter: nederlands, very nice brewing company, just wants to get noticed for the right reasons. >> still a beautiful safe mountain town, just a really weird incident happen. >> reporter: the incident jeff green's talking about actually happened a few doors down. >> yeah, it was definitely a big scene. >> reporter: at the nederland police robot tooling around in the parking lot as i drove by because i couldn't get in. >> reporter: just before 8:00 a.m., a nederland police officer found a suspicious backpack in front of the station. >> maybe we never expect it to happen or maybe nobody wants to imagine it could happen. >> reporter: pictures from the mountaineer newspaper show the backpack and exposed wires up close. businesses were evacuated all day as the bomb squad investigated. >> there was so much disbelief
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confirmation that it was a, an explosive device. >> reporter: the fbi said today the backpack was an active ied that failed to go off. >> we've been through floods, fires an intentional person wanting to do us harm was pretty messed up. >> reporter: an incident that's gotten businesses noticed in an unexpected way. >> i don't think there's any remaining danger and so i just encourage people to come upnd check our town out. >> nederland police, the boulder county sheriff's office are investigating, they haven't commented on suspects or if they know who left the backpack in front of the station yesterday morning. anyone with information is being asked to call police right now, kyle. >> and poor nederland, i feel like we're back where we were, the fire saying recently, if you have an extra weekend, go up there. >> and the brewer, getting attention for all the wrong reasons, the least you can do is
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>> always hospitable. calls for the ceo of wells fargo were heated. and ceo stumpf were gone. after weeks of scandal after they admitted that thousands of low level employees faked accounts for sales quotas without of knowledge of customers. stumpf with wells fargo for many years won't be walks away with a $134 million golden parachute. it could be as high as $200 million, tripled what he offered to give back during his testimony for congress. wells fargo shares dropped 10% since news of the scandal. it was warmer in the mountains today than here on the front range this afternoon. the temperature in denver was 34 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours earlier. granted, it should be about this cool this time of year.
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where it's warmer here as soon as tomorrow. some parts of the high country can did get a little snow this morning. the plows were out on independence pass. as you look at the snow there, the summit is about 12,000 feet. down at 11,000 feet, specifically at the eisenhower johnson tunnel, there is snow, the snow guns are making it blasting fully, falling from the sky, they'd love to be able to open by the end of the month. what's left of a super coast of japan will join other storms and slam in to the west coast. forecasts call for five to 10 inches of rain for some areas of washington and oregon. rainfall could reach 20 inches in northern california much the biggest eft storms will be the typhon songda, due to hit sunday. federal investigators will not pursue charges against a member of the epa over the spill
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animas river bright orange. working on the mine. 3 million gallons of waste water poured in the river. the epa said there was evidence that the employee, not named may have violated the clean water act and given false statements. federal prosecutors say they won't charge that person and instead, senior epa managers will review what happened. the school bus crash at the airport last month was an accident according to the bus driver's autopsy report released today. that report says there's no trace of drugs or kerry chopper's system before the crash. three legacy high school coaches and 15 students were injured, chopper was the only person killed. while the report didn't rule out she may have had a heart issue, no report that it was anything but an accident. today, her husband of 23 years told us the report answered everything he needed to know. >> there was speculations she was drunk, high, speculations
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we know now, none of those were true. everything was exactly as we thought they were, it was just an accident. >> josh chopper recently went back to the crash to consider what might have happened. he read the autopsy report today with mixed feelings. >> i cried because it brought back all the memories all the fresh feeling fz my wife. >> chop -- feelings of my wife. >> chopper still wife's rings on his neck. he makes regular trips to the park just like his wife loved to do. a plane crash in connecticut was no accident. one theory, the leading one is suicide. a twin engine plane crashed in east hartford. a student pilot and a fly instructor. miraculously, the instructor survived. he told investigators there was an argument or struggle for the controls just before the crash. >> no clear indication as far as any motive, or source behind anything. this is very still early in the investigation at this point.
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on that. >> the instructor was burned and is in fair condition. the student, a 28-year-old jordanian national had earned his single engine pilot's license, his name not linked with any terrorist organization. for the second time this week the destroyer uss mason has been the target of at least one incoming missile. performing operations in international waters off yemen. the missile didn't hit the ship, it came from an antigovernment group. on sunday, two missiles were fired at the uss mason, both missed. the quote from the pept gone -- pentagon, u.s. commanders retain the right to defend their ships and we will respond at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner. analysis of early voting appears promising for hillary clinton's campaign. in five of seven critical battle ground states, more democratic affiliated voters have cast ballots. in georgia and florida, more
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voted early at this point. clinton was in pueblo today rallying supporters. she called the high vote totals the americans see this as a con -- consequenthalial. >> they want to reject the devicive and hateful being run by my opponent! >> donald trump spent the day pushing for votes in florida. spending a lot of time there this week, three events there, more planned for later in the week. florida's critical for trump was a narrow path for victory if he can sweep swing states. he reminded his supporters to register to vote. >> the deadline for voter registration has just been extended. make sure to register, folks!
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you have permission, front row! stands here for hours and he's not registered? you have permission to leave here right now and register! >> a federal judge order the deadline extended because of hurricane matthew. more time for voters to register in north carolina and south carolina as well. when ballots are mailed, voters will not have the two major majority presidential candidates from which to choose. the list does go on between the want to be president of the united states. this sample ballot is from arapahoe county. candidates from various parties including the nutrition party and the prohibition party. there are those that are unaffiliated including lawrence kutlikoff. you can always write in your choice. the roller skating thief, who made off with a special
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cameras inside the home got the theft. the suspect first comes by on roller skates then ske dadles, returns sans skates and swipes the bench made from old seats. the bench was sold on craigslist but then returned to the owner when the buyer realized it was stolen. deputies are still looking for the man in the video and possibly a second suspect unclear whether that person was also supporting the skates. it's been a year since new credit and debit cards with microchips started replacing the old cards visa and mastercards say merchants who upgraded their machines for the new cards have seen fraud rates go down 45 to 50%. it has been a slow transition. only one third of all retailers have the readers to accommodate the new chip cards. as sniff incentive, credit card companies say they're liable. lawsuit that would make the credit card companies pay the
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thief -- upgrades. thieves are fienlding new -- finding new ways, for cards not having to be present for purchases such as buying online went up 50 % last year. earlier this month, the mall of america in minnesota said it would not be open on thanksgiving this year. a lot of other retailers appear to be doing the same around a family gathering for a little retail therapy, thanksgiving night, don't go to cherry creek mall, it will be closed. denver pavilions also closed. we know the outlet malls still plan to open, a whole list, to hear from on this article on somebody won $1 million in the mega millions in denver, dj liquor near 72nd. a different number we may have been talking about, colorado's first mega millions jackpot winner, nobody's come forward to cash in the winning ticket. the chance for the lotto prize in more than five years, no one's won the top prize in
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colorado lotto numbers tonight. that makes 49 drawings in which there's been no winner and the jackpot has rolled over. so next drawing saturday night, the jackpot $9.6 million. we at 9 news are dedicated to discussing the important issues like culture, candy corn, delicious or gross? 51 years, 17 girls, one dress. a family tradition for two generations. then one girl told her mom no. 30 yesterday. the hot and cold flashes will continue in to weekend. and patrick has left the avalanche and his house in englewood. it's on the market. and ont eve of -- on the eve of his nfl coaching debut, coach shares his memories of surviving
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it's a question that gets asked every halloween and we'll revisit it again. perhaps in anticipation, the answer will change. who likes candy corn? ranks it as the second worst candy, the worst
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marsh mellow. give us the verdict. most like the tri colored treat, about a quarter before the pumpkin kind, although there are those that go for anything pumpkin or anything pumpkin-spice related, only 10% say they eat the candy corn with the chocolate tips. about one in five say it all begins in the garbage. >> our poll on candy corns are unscientific? >> i had to be truthful. >> that's a surprise to me. 51 minnesota bought a dress for her oldest daughter to wear in school pictures, half a century later it's their family tradition. it links years and years of diana wore's family. she was the first to wear it. then her sister wore it, then lanel. no boy broke the streak, comes eliza, karen, and sara, girl after girl in the same red dress with the second generation, the tradition continued.
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over 51 years. until along came aubrey. who is a proud tom boy. and not -- not about to wear that dress. >> i'm not wearing that thing. i said yeah, you have to. nope. i did not want my child to be the one not to wear the dress! [ laughter ] >> and little aubrey learned there are some things you just have to do for family. though she added her own twist. she wore pants under the dress and put a ball cap she kept the tradition alive. her way. someone has to buck the trend. mother nature doing that today. all the cool temperatures we saw as well as the clouds. low clouds across most of the metro area all day long. the struggle was real as we tried to get out of the 40s. cool and cloudy tonight but i promise the sun will come out torl, not going to -- come out tomorrow, not going to sink.
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in the 80s, 39 estes park. we're finally cooler than the mountains or warmer than the mountains where it's been the reverse all day long. out at dia, 35 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, winds out of the south southeast. at just eight miles per hour, here in the 9 backyard, our temperatures cooling off, sitting at 37 but kind of nice and refreshing after a week of those warm temperatures across town. in our radar and satellite composite, the clouds finally starting to break apart really across eastern colorado, still a few high lev back in the metro area. overall, partly cloudy skies, and i think by morning, some folks might actually wake up to a bit of patchy fog. if anything, it will be out along dia, the winds out of the southwest should be helping us. in the 30s and 40s, eastern colorado, grand junction and the upper 30s toward the san juans. the cooler temperatures, the clouds all courtesy of this cold front.
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knocking down our temperatures, bringing some severe weather to parts of chicago, st. louis, and in through oklahoma city. but back behind it, high pressure. you know what that means, some warmer conditions in store for us and drier weather as well. as we go throughout the rest of tonight, what you see is what you get. the clouds lingering, the leftovers tomorrow morning. especially if you live to the west of i-25. you will notice those and then along i-76, 7:30, 8:00, this might slow down, ever so slightly trying or school. by lunch time, decent clearing and sunshine. that should help warm us up quite a bit. by the afternoon, back to the 70s then tomorrow evening, once again, mostly clear skies. keep our eyes off the atlantic where we once again are bracing for yet another hurricane. hurricane nicole, this one a dangerous one. we'll be watching some extreme storm surge, gusty winds out there too. right now it is a cat four
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bermuda. folks are starting to prepare for what is to come. the winds kicking up, watching tropical storm force winds for quite some time, anticipating huge waves and we've already seen some areas putting up the storm shutters as they are bracing for this monstrous hurricane that potentially will take aim right on the tiny island out there. you can see this video that's shaking with the wild winds and of course, the waters that are already starting to come up. i'll show you the track, cat morning is when it potentially will make landfall. down grades to a cat three and then once again takes that turn to the north and to the east. and it's out of here by the weekend. definitely something we'll keep a close eye on overnight and tomorrow too. tomorrow in our backyard, much quieter around here. we'll go with partly sunny skies, glass half full at 74 degrees, we stay in the 70s for most of eastern colorado chl the 50s and 60s around the foothills, a little early morning cloud cover out there,
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be out there in shorts and t-shirts, going to feel nice. 78 degrees in longmont. we stay in the mid 70s in wellington, and grel -- greeley. above average for the weekend in to next week. all right. low 60s well, slowly starting to feel like fall but still plenty of sunshine on that 9 news forecast for you guys. >> we're looking that. thank you. when pck the aves and colorado, he just left, didn't pack the house. so what to do if you're the realtor selling patrick wah's -- roy's house? get the bag pipes. just like any other open house you've been to. the home in englewood is on the market if you've got $1 million plus to spend and you're in to
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furniture, sat upon by him. it does not include, however, any of the trophies or the hockey memorabilia he hasn't packed up out of the house.
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from colorado's sports leader, here's destroy soicher.
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colorful, the crayola-bowl. the dress code requires color rush uniforms and the broncos are wearing orange jerseys, orange pants orange shoes against the san diego chargers clothed in all blue. bronks already think the new uniform has passed a test with flying colors. >> have you seen the color rush jerseys? what do you think of them? >> i like them, i wish we could keep them the whole season. they're nice. it's good to do something different. >> i do like was, i like it. i'm sure everybody else does too. i wish we had a white helmet. >> the more orange the better. i don't know about san diego's, but, you know, ours are pretty cool. i'm looking forward to the blue and the orange and you know, primetime. you know, every color rush game this whole, you know, season, has been great. i've been looking forward to this whole color rush game sense last year.
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reporter rod and and klis are wearing armani. >> yeah, making the debut. >> that was a surprise, everybody thought wade philips would be the no brainer choice becae he's done it so many times before, maybe that's why he wasn't the choice. decamillis makes sense. he's a game manager, also in between the offensive play callers and the defensive play callers. free officials. >> what is interesting is there's so much talk about the head coach, but what probably matters most is the fact, who's going to be the quarterback. and you're tell me we're going back to the future, so to speak. >> simmeon and they set this up when he was going to play against atlanta. they didn't get the quarter zone shot to get him ready that he would be able to play two games, come back on a short rest. so given the druthers, they had
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they picked the first afc game against the san diego charnlers. get lynch the full week -- chargers, give paxton the full week, the whole idea is that they win two. right now 0-1 in their quest. see what they do tomorrow. >> trevor gets help with green and stevenson coming back. mike is going to take a dip, i'm laughing and send it back to you. >> hard to listen to a word they said with that image. only thing more surprising than decamillis coaching the broncos that's because he was seriously injured seven years ago while working for the dallas cowboys when the team's practice facility collapsed during a wind storm. remember that? decamillis suffered a broken cervical vertebra, underwent neck surgery and returned to practice two weeks later. sharing the story with joe saccamano. >> where the fractures were actually not fractures, they call it dislocation.
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most of the time, people are quadriplegics, not paralyzed but quadriplegics. i was fortunate that the guy that was at parkland hospital in dallas had done a couple surgeries that were similar. his comment to my wife is are you a praying woman? and told her to pray and after the surgery was over, he said that's the first one that's worked over three. >> that's a tough call. >> pretty lucky. >> that's a tough call to make to dana. your husband's day of practice. >> well, i made the call, actually. somehow i got out. i still don't, i mean, it's all kind of a blur. but somehow i got back to my office and i called her and my first words to her were hey, the bubble fell on me, but i'm okay. and she, she didn't know what i was saying. i wasz kind of out -- was kind of out of it. the second call i got was from my daughter kaitlyn, a critical care nurse.
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down -- daddy, lay down on the ground, don't move anymore. they said if i kept moving, there was a chance i wouldn't have had a good conclusion. very fortunate. >> wow. still of the night comes from the university neighborhood where du unveiled its beautiful new basketball court complete with mountains and the city skyline in the still of the night! it should be an image of mustard's last stand, the finest hot dog joint, next to the school. i spent a lot of my time and
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all right. cool out there but the big warm up on its way. tomorrow looks fantastic, mid 70s, the sunshine should be out in the afternoon.
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of a cool off next week. we'll see if we can get any rain any time soon. >> we need some! >> i packed away all the shorts,
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